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  • Sustainable Christmas Guide
    December 2, 2022 Plastic Free Amsterdam

    Sustainable Christmas Guide

    Christmas is a time of celebration that many cherish and look forward to. However, behind this magical holiday, hides another reality: one of excessive mass consumption. Christmas alone accounts for 2% of total annual emissions. By comparison, it is 14 times...

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  • Easy 2-Ingredient Body Butter Recipe
    October 24, 2022 Plastic Free Amsterdam

    Easy 2-Ingredient Body Butter Recipe

    We always thought that making our own body butter was more effort than it was worth it, needing heaps of ingredients and measurement cups, but it turns out, it can be the easiest thing ever! There are only 2 main ingredients,...

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    November 26, 2021 Plastic Free Amsterdam


    Once again I am dreaming of a Green Christmas… Another year has passed and once again we are celebrating Christmas differently, our locals and loved ones need a little more love this year. Here is a list of eco-friendly gift...

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  • Top Uses for Essential Oils
    October 19, 2021 Plastic Free Amsterdam

    Top Uses for Essential Oils

    What are Essential Oils? Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants that capture the plants 'essence' or scent. They are then combined with a carrier oil to produce easy to use essential oils and are most commonly used for aromatherapy...

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