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Wooden Beard Comb


You’ve spent months (or years) working on that perfect, lengthy, stylish beard. You groom it, condition it, oil it, pamper it – in other words, it’s your baby. You want to treat it right.

We've got the best sustainable solution for you. Nothing untangles the beard hair as gently as a wooden comb. When combing, the hair is divided into strands, which preserves the natural structure. The wood is not varnished and the comb is a 100% handmade, natural product.


To treat the hair as gently as possible when combing, comb slowly and evenly. If you feel resistance, e.g. because of a knot, try again and try to gently glide through the hair again. This way your hair will be least stressed. The following applies: the easier your hair can be combed in a dry and clean condition, the more suitable the comb and its teeth are for your beard hair.


From time to time, we recommend that you rub the entire comb with a little hair oil and let it sit. You can use a cloth or kitchen roll to dry it afterward. You can refinish the surface of the wooden comb at any time with e.g. 240 grid sandpaper.

  • Handmade
  • Made of natural wood material
  • Anti-static and durable
  • Dimensions: 10x5.7 cm

This comb is made of Pearwood

The pear tree is a moderately heavy wood, which is however considerably lighter than that of beech and oak. The wood has a fine texture and is tough, and difficult to split. These characteristics make the wood ideal for combs and brushes. 

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