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Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar - Christmas Edition


Christmas is coming! It’s time to stock up on chocolates to treat yourself or your loved ones!

These chocolate bars are handmade by small chocolate maker Raaf Chocolatier in Amsterdam Noord 

There are two delicious options:

  • Christmas Spice - Infused with Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, pippali pepper, and juniper berries, and finished with cocoa nibs. Made with premium Virunga 70% chocolate from the Chocolate Makers
  • Sweet & Spicy - Infused with habanero, topped with cranberries and fleur de sel. Watch out this bar is slightly spicy. This dark chocolate is made with organic Forastero cocoa beans from Congo – Virunga National Park. By buying this bar you protect the gorillas and offer the residents a better future!
  • 100% Organic
  • Vegan
  • 100% Gluten Free
  • Solar-powered production
  • Fairtrade & direct trade
  • Handmade in fresh and small batches in Amsterdam
  • 180 gr

This chocolate bar is wrapped in aluminum foil in a recyclable cardboard box

  • Christmas Spice - Virunga 70% chocolate, sugar, cacao butter, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, pippali pepper, juniper berries, and cocoa nibs
  • Sweet & Spicy -  Forastero 70% chocolate, sugar, cacao butter, habanero, cranberries, and fleur de sel.