Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Pink

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These 600 ml insulated bottles are ideal for coffee, tea, and smoothies. They have a nice wide opening for ice cubes and fruit pieces. You can take this beautiful travel bottle with you everywhere to provide yourself with fresh or hot drinks. Tasty coffee for the train or a hot tea if you enjoy a cooler temperature outside. Everything is possible.

The new Retulp bottles are a warm end-of-year gift for yourself or for someone else, and good for the planet. For the planet, there fewer disposable coffee cups or water bottles, which will save mountains of waste! And Retulp also ensures that 1000 liters of clean drinking water are donated in developing countries.

  • Hot and cold for 8 hours
  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • Bamboo cap
  • BPA and toxic-free
  • Recycled stainless steel
  • 600 ml

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