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Silk Floss - Mint

by Bambaw

Flossing: We all know we should do it more often. Dentists recommend doing it every day. Unfortunately, floss is mostly made of nylon and comes in a disposable plastic packaging. So, basically, it is plastic wrapped in plastic. Being small and lightweight, floss thread is part of the plastic products that most easily enter the environment.

Natural alternatives to synthetic

Luckily some alternatives to plastic floss exist. This silk floss is natural and can biodegrade in your backyard compost.

A reusable floss dispenser

To be really zero-waste floss, the container should be reusable as well. A reusable floss dispenser can be refilled with floss coils. Reusable floss dispensers are usually made of glass or stainless steel.

The Bambaw Silk Floss

The package includes two compostable floss coils of 50 metres. You can put them in a reusable dispenser. This swap is ideal to keep your zero-waste flossing habits.

Silk coils

This compostable floss is made of natural silk. Silk has been used by humans for thousands of years for its incredible strength and softness. So, it is well suited for interdental cleaning.

The 50 meters long eco-friendly floss refills are made of mulberry silk, candelilla wax and it has a refreshing peppermint touch. 50 meters of floss is enough for 200 flosses.

Customer Reviews

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Strongest eco floss (so far)

I really like this floss, it's very strong and doesn't break easily. Only in super tight spots. The floss has a little peppermint flavour, which I honestly like. It comes in a dispenser that cuts the floss easily. I'm very happy with this floss!

Best eco friendly floss so far

Much stronger floss that the georganics one. Didn't break nor get stuck in my normal to crowded teeth at all. Just as good as the plastic ones I use to get in the supermarket. Would definitely recommend.

Convenient, compact, but too weak for crowded teeth

The dispenser is very small and convenient;
The floss is simple, taste neutral/subtle minty; cool that it's biodegradable;
Breaks if using for VERY crowded teeth and small gaps (but perfectly fine with normal gaps);
If the roll is messed up, dispensing takes some time.

small but nice

This dispenser turned out to be quite a bit smaller than I expected from the pictures, but it's a good looking little fella and the floss has a very nice taste :)

Customer Reviews

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