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by Pineut
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Caramba! What. A. Summer sensation! Open the carafe and your house will fill with the clatter of castanets. Good vibes all over the place. And we haven't even mentioned the taste of our red sangria yet. A balanced combination of strawberry, dried apple, blueberry and orange slices. Add your own red wine, sparkling water and some ice cubes and the great enjoyment can begin. With this delicious summer drink you get a touch of España in your casa!


  • strawberry
  • apple
  • orange
  • blueberry


  •  a bottle of red wine


  • 2 days or less

The jar or carafe is filled with the perfect mix of carefully selected ingredients. Add 700 ml of white wine to the fruits. Set the carafe aside for a day or two (depending on your preference) and let the fruit do its work. Count down the seconds and add sparkling water and some ice and fresh orange at the last minute. Your DIY sangria is ready to be enjoyed. Hello, summer!

Pssst, do you want to give your sangria an extra kick? Then add a dash of brandy or triple sec liqueur. Caramba how delicious!