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Rose Cardamom 70% - Dark Chocolate


To make this bar, Raaka gently steams Tanzanian cacao over rose petals and cardamom, conjuring a luscious and dreamy floral bar. Celestial, ambrosial, transcendental.

The scent is an inextricable part of the flavor. The strong, lavish characters of both rose and cardamom are experienced through their beautiful aromas. If we couldn’t smell them we wouldn’t be able to fully taste them. To complicate matters, the sense of smell differs widely from person to person. One person’s “too strong” is another person’s “too subtle.” To balance this Raaka eschews the typical extracts most chocolate companies use in favor of the real deal: dried red rose petals and whole cardamom pods. Tanzanian cacao is gently steamed over (sourced from Kokoa Kamili) both ingredients, allowing the fatty, creamy nibs to absorb their scent. After mixing the cacao with sugar, rose petals and cardamom are steeped into cacao butter and blended all together.

These processes are essentially perfuming the chocolate, almost identical to the way natural candles are made. Like candles, the scent (and therefore the flavor!) slowly reveals itself as the fat in the chocolate melts.


Cacao content:


  • Vegan 
  • Direct & transparent Trade
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO project verified Organic
  • Soy-free
  • Unroasted (RAW)
  • 51g

Organic cacao beans, Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter organic rose petals, organic cardamom.


In a former warehouse in Brooklyn, New York two young guys make progressive chocolate. In the past few years, the number of bean-to-bar makers has risen fast. In 2010 Ryan Cheney and Nate Hodge were daring enough to start their own chocolate brand and next to this they had the courage to put traditional recipes to the test. Today they make price-winning chocolates.

Cheney took a year off to learn how to make chocolate. Together with Hodge, he found a method to turn unroasted (virgin) cocoa into their own Raaka bars. Raaka never stops pioneering. They will mature cocoa in old Whiskey barrels or combine chocolate with the flavor of Chinese Chai: the boundaries of traditional flavors get tested.

At Raaka, they also believe that their process should value the community of growers, producers, and makers whose livelihoods depend on cacao and chocolate. It takes an entire village of individuals, literally stretching across cultures and continents, to make every delicious bar.

What makes Raaka so different and unique from any other chocolate makers is their model of Transparant Trade. This means they:

  • Purchase directly from cooperatives and grower organizations that focus on quality, sustainability, field support, market access, and premium prices for farmers.
  • Purchase cacao at stable, premium prices that are higher than the commodity market and Fair Trade prices and protected from market fluctuations
  • Offer transparent pricing, they publish each transaction on their website for verification and accountability