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Reusable Cloth Pads - Blue Sprinkle



Did you that a menstruating person throws away about 10,000 tampons or sanitary towels in her life? That is 90 kilos of sanitary towels and 60 kilos of tampons of residual waste. 

ImseVimse’s washable and reusable cloth pads come in a pack of 3 and are made of organic cotton flannel. With two buttons on the wings, they are easily attached around the crotch of your panties. The pads are made of 100% organic cotton and are reinforced with a thin layer of  PUL to make them leakproof. These reusable sanitary pads are a size regular and are the perfect day pad for days with a normal flow. Have a happy period and join the green team!


Rinse or soak the pads in cold water after use or just let them dry as they are before washing. The pads are washed at 60° Celcius and you can use your regular detergent. Do not use fabric softener since that will ruin the absorption of the pad. Try adding some vinegar to the rinse water. Let the pads dry hang. If you hang them in the sun for a day it will effectively help fade stains.

  • Quantity: 3 pads
  • Sizing:
    • Small/Pantyliner: 19 x 7 cm
    • Regular/Day pad: 25 x 8.5 cm
    • Large/Night pad: 33 x 8.5 cm
  • Material: 100% organic cotton + 1 layer of PUL (polyurethane laminated polyester)
  • Certification: This product is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1
  • Made in Turkey