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Razor Blades

by Bambaw

Using a safety razor allows you to shave with a single blade, a clean-cut at the surface of your skin, resulting in smooth skin without irritations, ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

The Bambaw double edge razor blades provide a close shave for men and women. The universal blades fit any safety razor and are suited for all body areas, from head to toe. 

Our razor blade disposal tin is perfect for safely disposing and recycling your double edge safety razors.

  • 5 pack
  • Please check with a local recycling help center for proper disposal
  • Made in Europe

Each razor blade is carefully wrapped in wax paper and packed into individual cardboard boxes to ensure careful and easy handling of the double edge razor blades.

  • Swedish Steel - Swedish steel is considered one of the purest steel, making it ideal for crafting bladed products. It provides a long-lasting sharpness and therefore highly contributes to achieving a close and clean shave. Besides, it’s a champion of recycling. One of the world’s most recycled materials, ahead of paper and glass. 60% of the new stainless-steel production comes from recycled material.
  • Platinum Coating - Platinum prevents corrosion which makes the blades even more resistant.

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