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Period Underwear - Mid Waist - Heavy Flow


As the name suggests, this model falls in the middle of the hip. This model is made of Lenzing Modal, a durable and silky soft fabric. The slip easily absorbs 30 ml of liquid, which is about 3 tampons. The Mid-Waist model is therefore suitable for a heavy to medium flow.

Heavy flow = 3 tampons


Fresh feeling
Your period is simply not the most comfortable time of the month. A fresh feeling down there can already make a difference. That's why Lotties has found something on that. The top antibacterial layer of the briefs has a moisture-wicking function. Blood, secretions, and urine are absorbed into the layer below. So that you keep a fresh feeling and can comfortably continue with your day.

Super absorbent
The second layer that makes up your briefs consists of a double layer of cotton or an absorbent microfibre layer. Check the FLOW chart to find out which Lotties model best suits your flow.

Worry no longer! Lottie's third layer has a water-repellent function. Leak-through nightmares are now a thing of the past. Change your briefs on time, how often you will have to do this depends on your flow and the model of briefs you wear. For example, with a thong, you will have to change earlier than with our high-waist model.

Breathable & lightweight
The fourth and therefore outer layer of your Lotties consists of 90% bamboo textile and 10% spandex. Bamboo textile is a breathable material, so your briefs will not feel sweltering. The spandex promotes the fit so that your briefs will fit nicely on your body.

  1. After use rinse under cold water
  2. Wash with your other dark-colored clothes on max. 40 degrees
  3. Hang dry your underwear for a day. Do not use a dryer.
  • Reusable 
  • Heavy flow = 3 tampons
  • Comes with an organic cotton travel bag
  • Amsterdam-based brand
  • Manufactured in Turkey

Lenzing modal, cotton, spandex