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A completely plastic free and 100% natural way to brush your teeth. Made entirely from non-toxic ingredients like organic Olive Oil & Cocoa Butter and flavored with essential Peppermint Oil, this recipe allows teeth to absorb nutrients without coating them, promoting natural remineralizing and tooth nourishment.

Another option is with the addition of Activated Charcoal Powder to help to remove plaque and regular stains.


Apply soap to your toothbrush by rubbing bristles - preferably wet - onto the stick in circular motions. Brush as normal for 2 minutes then rinse well. For external use only.

  • Zero-waste packaging: plastic-free, recyclable & biodegradable
  • No added glycerine for natural teeth remineralization
  • 60ml stick lasts up to 6 months, brushing twice a day
  • PETA cruelty-free & vegan certified 
  • Made in the UK
  • *Organic
  • ^Natural

"Georganics started with the goal of creating a full oral care package which is both 100% Natural and Sustainable. We believe it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Instead, we use simple ingredients form pure, organic sources which are safe for everyone."

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