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Natural Chewing Gum - English Peppermint


Made from Chicle & Arabic Gum from the Sapodilla & Acacia Trees, these natural chewing gums are flavored with Peppermint & Xylitol for a cool, refreshing mouth sensation.

Our gums add freshness to your breath while removing food particles and bacteria associated with bad breath and tooth decay. The act of chewing gum produces saliva to wash out the mouth and wash away bacteria, protecting teeth from bacterial acid causing decay.

  • Take one gum after a meal
  • Chew for up to 20 minutes
  • Dispose of with food or compostable waste
  • Gum made from Sapodilla Chicle & Acacia Gum
  • With plaque & cavities reducing Xylitol
  • PETA cruelty-free & vegan certified
  • Made in the UK
  • Chewing gum are packaged in a recyclable/reusable glass jar with an aluminum lid
  • The box is made from compostable craft paper and vegetable ink

Xylitol*^, Gum Base^, Calcium Carbonate*^, Flavouring*^, Gum Arabic^, Lecithin*^




"Georganics started with the goal of creating a full oral care package which is both 100% Natural and Sustainable. We believe it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Instead we use simple ingredients form pure, organic sources which are safe for everyone."

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great taste but too soft for me

Great and long lasting taste but too soft for me, I like chewing gum to be more firm

Wonderfully refreshing; only just too soft

I love the taste of this gum, the fact that the essential oils used keep my mouth fresh for a long time (even after tossing the gum), and the fact that my gum-chewing habit is not adding more microplastics out into the earth.
However, this gum is very soft and after about 30-40 minutes starts breaking down in my mouth. For someone who likes chewing for a long time, this might not be the best chewing gum for you although it is definitely worth a try! I'm looking forward to the day when they change the formula and make is a bit tougher.
NB: the fact that they start disintegrating after a half hour of chewing just goes to proof their compostable quality; so I'm not terribly bummed out by this!

Tasty and refreshing

These chewing gums are very tasty and can help satisfy the sugary afternoon craving. The peppermint flavour is refreshing and certainly leaves a clean feeling in the mouth. I love that these are biodegradable and plastic-free - how many people don't realise that regular gum contains plastic! These are great.

Customer Reviews

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