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Clear Glass Spray Bottle

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A stylish reusable glass bottle with a spray nozzle that comes in a 500ml size.

Multifunctional use for homemade cleaning products, essential oils/aromatherapy, hair care, or as a plant sprayer. A great way to save the environment from unnecessary plastic consumption.

Great combination with our OceanSaver cleaning drops or our Ecopods refill packs. Just fill with water and put in a cleaning drop, then wait till it dissolves for 2 minutes. And then shake it up. Now you have your own cleaning solution without the plastic packaging. 

  • 300ml
    • Diameter Ø 6.5cm
    • Bottle 14cm high to black rim
    • Perfect for DIY room or air freshener spray, plant spray, insect repellent spray
  • 500 ml
    • Diameter Ø 7.5cm
    • Bottle 17cm high to black rim
    • Perfect for (DIY) cleaning solutions, DIY hair spray or ACV rinse, or plant spray
  • Made in Europe

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