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Clear Glass Bottle


A stylish reusable glass bottle with a recyclable aluminum cap that comes in two sizes. Multifunctional use for homemade cleaning products, essential oils/aromatherapy, hair care, or as a storage for other liquids. A great way to save the environment from unnecessary plastic consumption.

I see more stores with refill stations so these bottles are great for bulk shopping too if you need to fill them with some liquid laundry or dish soap. Or great for traveling when you want to take with you some liquid shampoo or body soap. You can also use it for liquid foods such as your homemade drinks or oils. You name it, there are enough ideas to use these amazing bottles for.  

  • 500 ml
    • Diameter Ø 7.5cm
    • Bottle 17cm high to black rim
    • Perfect for (DIY) cleaning solutions, or DIY personal care products like hair spray or ACV rinse.
  • 300ml
    • Diameter Ø 6.5cm
    • Bottle 14cm high to black rim
  • Made in Europe