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Beard Balm - Orient

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Orient Beard Balm, to nourish and discipline your beard

With its original notes of red amber, cedar, and vanilla benzoin, it helps maintain dry and unruly beards.

Its rich and melting texture allows an easy application.

Men who like to have a beard make it a point of honor to keep it soft and disciplined! For this, using a beard balm is ideal.

The Boisée beard balm from Tonsor & Cie has a nourishing and moisturizing action that makes dry beard fibers soft and supple.

Moreover, this balm with spicy notes of ebony and patchouli also helps to discipline unruly beards for a whole day.


Tonsor & Cie’s Woody Beard Balm combines several active ingredients with complementary properties:

• Shea butter, Coprah butter, and Avocado butter for a moisturizing and nourishing effect,
• Beeswax for a structuring effect
• Vitamin E for a nourishing effect

  • Plastic-free packaging:   Cylindrical steel box with a vintage look.
  • Natural product
  • Cruelty-free
  • Handcrafted in the South West of France

Butyrospermum parkii-boter, Cocos nucifera-olie, Persea gratissima-olie, Cera alba, tocoferol, parfum, benzylbenzoaat, hexylkaneel, citronellol, geraniol, limoneen, linalool.

98% van natural origin


"At TONSOR & CIE, we offer a unique experience to all men who want to take care of themselves, to feel good, to feel beautiful.

Every man has his own character, his own personality, his own imperfections. At TONSOR & CIE, we do not impose any style, we just help you find your own, beyond fashions and codes. To feel unique, different, in tune with yourself.

Our care products for men are born in our barbershop in Toulouse, from our daily practice of the hairdresser-barber profession. We manufacture them in France, with a real obsession for detail. We love noble materials, beautiful olfactory signatures, and perfect textures.

We promise we won’t clutter up your bathroom. We only offer you what you need for your daily toilet. No more, no less. Just the basics, the essentials: “Less is more”. Our product lines remain elementary and clear. Our approach is sincere and our treatments are universal, contrary to the so-called “made-to-measure” formulas which are just marketing. Our commitment: to offer you the best craftsmanship of a hairdresser-barber.

We take all the time we need to develop our treatments. We draw our inspiration from our daily practice of the profession and our references from our heritage as a French-style hairdresser-barber. We meticulously select quality, healthy, natural ingredients that have proven their worth over the centuries. Before validating them, we refine them for months with the barbers in our barbershop. For example, we have been working for five years on the composition of a matt wax whose formula we have just finalized. Yes, we are uncompromising and we give ourselves the means."