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Bath None Sponge

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No Waste... None.... None Sponge 

This Bath None Sponge is a reusable alternative to your usual bath sponge which is typically made from plastic. Made with soft cotton and gentle bamboo. They are filled with a mix of organic cotton and bamboo, the recycled scraps from our organic makeup rounds!

Brilliant for the bathroom and gentle for a baby. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, dries quicker than cotton toweling, and is incredibly soft! 


Your None Sponge is a hardy (if soft) little workhorse! It will do best if you wring it out after use and leave it to dry. When you feel it's ready for a wash just throw it in the laundry with your regular load and finish by air drying.

Should you ever feel like your None Sponge is ready for the bin, fear not! It is biodegradable.

  • Made with organic bamboo & cotton
  • Size: 11cm x 9cm
  • Compostable/biodegradable
  • Packaging made from 100% recycled waste fibers.
  • Ethically and responsibly made in the UK

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