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Amber Glass Pump Bottle


Empty refillable glass pump bottle for soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash or lotion.

A great way to save the environment from unnecessary plastic consumption. Just always refill your favorite product! That is often also a lot cheaper.

Historically, amber glass has been favored by pharmacists for storing medicines because it protects against sunlight. Today, these nostalgic products are hip and fit into a zero-waste lifestyle.


Amber-colored glass protects against UV & sunlight so that products last longer. Brown glass or pharmacy glass used to be often used by pharmacists and chemists for storing medicines. 


To fill these bottles, you can look for recipes for homemade shampoo and skin oil. For example, you can dissolve a grated soap bar in water to make it into a liquid variant. Such as our Marseille soap or really any other soap you like. 

Also, you can make your own skin or hair oil in this glass pump bottle: rake a neutral, vegetable oil that serves as a carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil, add essential oil for fragrance and extra benefits, and voilà! You made your own oil!

  • 300ml
    • Diameter Ø 6.5cm
    • Bottle 14cm high to black rim
  • 500 ml
    • Diameter Ø 7.5cm
    • Bottle 17cm high to black rim
  • Produced in Italy

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