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FAQ about OceanSaver Cleaning Drops

Q. Where is OceanSaver made?

OceanSaver products are made in Europe!

Q. What is the drop made of?

The drop is made from PVOH which is a water soluble and biodegradable polymer which completely degrades into CO2 and H2O. It does not generate Micro or Nano plastics in the environment.  Our pods/drops are totally biodegradable!

Q. What does the material breakdown into?

In contact with water PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol) breaks down into naturally occurring elements which already are present in the environment. 

Q. Recyclable vs. biodegradable

We aim to ensure all of our products are recyclable or biodegradable. Recyclable is a better option than biodegradable since materials are lost to the environment once decomposed, but where recyclable is not available/doesn’t fit the product type, biodegradable means that the products will not linger in the environment for hundreds or thousands of years like the plastic alternative.

Q. Are your products eco friendly?

We specifically aim to prevent plastic waste entering the oceans, and as such we ensure all of our products are fully recyclable or biodegradable in the natural environment. Although we are not certified, we strive to ensure that all of our products reduce their impact on the environment. Unfortunately, none of the "Eco-Friendly" certification schemes currently fit our goal to eliminate plastic entering the oceans, and many materials which would be certified under the schemes actually have a detrimental impact on the ocean environment such as Bamboo Viscose (this is actually rayon which makes up 57% of the plastic micro-particles in the ocean), and PLA (which is a biodegradable plastic but only biodegrades in certain man made conditions, once released into the environment it produces micro-particle plastic waste).

Q. Are your products tested on animals?

We can confirm that our products are not tested on animals at any stage in the supply chain. We are already in the process of obtaining a certification.

Q. How do the plastic free sachets work?

The sachets are made from Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) which has been approved for use in pharmaceuticals, so you can be sure it’s a safe alternative to plastics. Simply clean a bottle or jar big enough for your cleaning solution, pop in a sachet, follow the enclosed instructions and top up with warm water, replace and tightly seal the lid, shake a little and within a couple of minutes you’ll see the sachet dissolve and the liquid inside mix with the water to make your cleaner!

Q. How long will it take for the sachets to dissolve?

Using warm water the sachets will take around 2-4 minutes to fully dissolve with a bit of shaking. Using hot water they’ll dissolve more quickly but you may find the cleaner is a little hazy, don’t worry, it will still work the same. Using cold water will take longer but again, it will work them same in the end.

Q. What containers can I use to hold my diluted cleaning solution?

Whatever you like! You can reuse a trigger spray bottle or perhaps use a glass or metal container to hold your diluted cleaning solution. Just remember to ensure that your container holds 750- 500ml of water to ensure the correct dilution. Make sure to attach the included labels onto your container so you don’t muddle up what’s what.

Q. How long does the cleaner last?

That depends how much you use. You may find you like the fragrances so much you use more than necessary, or you could find that the products are so effective you hardly use any at all! We recommend storing the sachets in a dry, cool, secure location, away from children and pets within 5-35°C for the longest shelf life, the same goes for diluted solutions.