Doorgaan naar inhoud



Afwaszeep, gemaakt in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Aangedreven door biologische plantaardige ingrediënten die hard zijn voor vet en toch zacht voor je handen. Zo mild dat het spoelwater op uw planten kan worden gebruikt!


Dit afwasmiddel is een geconcentreerde reep en er is slechts een kleine hoeveelheid nodig. Maak je doek, spons of borstel nat en wrijf over het afwasmiddel totdat het zeepachtig is - was dan je vaat zoals normaal. Wrijf slechts een kleine hoeveelheid per keer. Deze zeep produceert geen luchtbellen zoals traditioneel afwasmiddel, dit is een effect dat niet nodig is om goed schoon te maken. Om ervoor te zorgen dat de zeep het langst meegaat, moet je hem tussen gebruik droog houden door een zeepbakje of een rek te gebruiken om op te bergen.

  • Plasticvrij
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Biologisch afbreekbaar 
  • Veganistisch & dierproefvrij
  • Geen palmolie
  • Gemaakt in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

Biologische kokosolie, natuurlijk voorkomende glycerine, natriumcarbonaat en natriumcocoylglutamaat (afgeleid van kokosolie) - goedgekeurd door ECOCERT

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Two years strong - still love this soap!

I've been buying this soap since 2021 and really like it. I've tried other dish soaps, but found many didn't froth up enough. It lasts a long time (about 4 months per bar for us, but I can imagine that would vary a lot depending on how many dishes you have/having a dishwasher etc) and the smell is pretty neutral but pleasant. I can't speak for everyone, but I recommend it based on my experience!

Good dishwash bar

Soap that "does the job". No unpleasant odor or taste. Rather neutral. Degreases rather well. And this dish soap seems to stay in good shape and looks like it's going to last.

Does the job but I don't like the smell

I love how it works, easy to use. The only thing is that I don't like the smell of the soap. Not on my hands (makes them a bit dry as well) and not while washing. Sometimes the smell can stay on panns a bit and I smell it again when using them. I still want to keep using the soap because it's such a great plastic free option but I will eventually look for an other brand and keep this as a spare :)

Works but you have to adjust

I would advice to also buy a soap rack with this soap because you need something other than just a little dish to place it in, because it has quite a bit of slimy drip off suds.
It does a great job cleaning up the grease and dirt. You need to whipe/ rinse out the dirty dish before using the soap because you dont want to have to grab more soap with the half dirty brush because that makes the block dirty. If you use it directly on the brush that is.
Alternatively you could also make an amount of soapy water and use that to clean.

Does the job

It takes some getting used to using a soap bar instead of a liquid one. But it foams really nice and took me 3 months to finish as a one-person household without a dishwasher. I recommend drying with a cloth after washing, it will make it look squeaky clean

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