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Wool Dryer Balls - 3 pieces


Do you know dryer balls? They'll save you time and money while doing something for the planet. The absorbent properties of wool combined with the mechanical “threshing” action of your laundry will allow you to reduce your laundry drying time by 30%.

And because of the “threshing” action, your laundry will come out of your washing machine much less wrinkled! And who would say no to less ironing? Not us anyway. 

They will also decrease or even remove static electricity from your clothes! The what? But if you know that unpleasant feeling that occurs when you put on a synthetic garment that will immediately make your hair stand on end. That's it, static electricity

TIP: If you prefer to scent your clothes, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil directly to the woolen balls and set them aside for a few hours. In the next wash, they will give your clothes a subtle, chemical-free scent. Essential oils can discolor the surface of the beads, but this will not affect their effectiveness.

  • Slide your balls into the drum of your tumble dryer (or in the washing machine if you have a combined washer and dryer).
  • Reduce your usual drying time by 30%.
  • The mechanical action of stirring the balls allows a hot airflow to pass through which accelerates drying.
  • A real massage for your laundry that softens the fibers of your laundry and can replace your fabric softener.

**3 balls are ideal for a machine with a capacity of 5 kg to 9 kg. For a machine of +9 kg, preferably use 6 balls**

  • Reduce drying time by 30%
  • Eliminate static electricity
  • Softens your laundry
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lifespan: approximately 500-750 washes (3-5 years)
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Set of 3 balls of 100% natural and untreated wool
  • 100% plastic-free: packaging in a reusable organic cotton bag

The dryer balls are made of  100% natural and untreated wool. The wool comes from a family farm in New Zealand that respects the well-being of its herd.

Why New Zealand? The wool industry in France does not process its own wool, which means that L’alchimiste cannot supply themselves in France. New Zealand is the region that they have selected to make their drying bales because it has high standards in terms of respect for animal welfare and social rights.

The pouch is made of organic cotton which is machine washable at 40 °

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Helps a lot!

I bought these somewhere else, but I will be buying them from here soon as I need more of them for sure!

Like the material and goal of it

Don't know why it's sold per three while I only use one piece. However I don't know if I make a mistake or I have more as a backup.

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