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Reusable Food & Sandwich Wrap

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This stylish cotton sandwich/food wrap is a great alternative to disposable plastic bags and wrap.  Ideal for sandwiches, snacks, travel, and storage, it is designed with the environment in mind, promoting reusable, sustainable materials and reducing the number of toxins and wastage going into landfills and soil.

On one side it has printed cotton and on the other a water-resistant polyester liner that helps keep the food inside fresh. Just unfold, pop in a sandwich, bagel, or anything else you fancy, and fold up and secure with the velcro fastenings. When unfolded, it doubles up as a plate/mat - a really useful feature when out and about.

Made through a women’s co-operative in India which gives the opportunity of work to women, allowing them to achieve gender equity and to feel truly empowered.  

  • Wash by hand, in the dishwasher (top rack), or in the washing machine (cold cycle). Lie flat to dry.
  • Free from lead, phthalates, and BPA.
  • 35.5cm diameter.

This wrap is made from cotton with a water-resistant polyester liner

Customer Reviews

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Totally practical

I’ve tried beeswax but didn’t like the smell it gave to my sandwiches. This however is perfect. It holds everything in place well, is easy to clean and looks good too. With the Velcro fastening you can place your food in such a way that it always closes and remains in place. Very happy with this!

Fun and handy

Buying this, there were a few things I was wondering: will it hold my food well? will the velcro make sure everything stays closed? Should I get the wrap or the sandwich bag? Is it worth it?

Now I would say Yes, yes, wrap and yes.

Once you fold this wrap (which is very fun to do), it stays put, no matter how wacky the shape of your food item is. It looks really adorable and it's so nice that I can just throw it in the wash and reuse it. I don't like to use containers because they take up so much space, so this is a great plastic-free solution. It's better than the sandwich bag, because you can put all sorts of stuff in it, including sandwiches. It works as a plate/mat too, which will come in handy when travel is possible again. The only thing is that it isn't airtight, so if you need something to be completely sealed, this isn't it. Other than that, I love it!

Customer Reviews

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