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Bamboo Soap Holder


The bamboo wood soap dish is the perfect accessory for any soap bar. Your soap and shampoo bar will not only look beautiful on this bamboo soap dish. Because the soap can now dry completely, it also lasts longer. Count out your winnings!

If the soap used to be wet at the bottom, that is now a thing of the past. Due to the breathable structure of the bamboo wood soap dish, the soap and shampoo bar can easily dry completely. This ensures that soap lasts a lot longer. The elongated shape with round corners ensures that a Nature Bar soap stays perfectly in place. In addition, the soap dish has an open bottom so that it remains in place. Use it on your counter, on the sink, on the bath rim, or in a dry place under the shower.


Even a bamboo soap dish needs to be cleaned every now and then. You can easily do this by rinsing it under the tap and wiping it dry with a clean cloth.

  • No packaging