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Tea Gift Box


Give someone a moment of delicious relaxation with our sustainable tea gift box. It's a great way to show them that you care about the environment while treating them.

This box allows you to enjoy a delicious tea without any plastic thanks to our reusable organic tea bag or our stainless steel tea infuser to prepare our quality tea.

We have also added a heavenly vegan chocolate bar from DUSK, which we guarantee you'll love. The dark chocolate bars are produced from direct trade with cacao bean farmers, it's fair trade and organic.  A heavenly flavour combination!

We have 4 different Tea gifts boxes:

Purple box:

  • Raspberry Heaven Vegan 70% Dark Chocolate bar. Richly topped with a layer of delicious raspberries. The cocoa from the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent & The Grenadines combines perfectly with the fruity taste of the raspberries. A heavenly flavor combination!
  • Relaxing Herbal loose tea by 9TEAS. It is a herbal tea with mild hints of mint and chamomile. No theine, perfect to drink before going to sleep. 

Green box:

  • Orange and Cardamom vegan 70% Dark Chocolate. The combination of orange, cardamom, and cocoa from the Caribbean archipelago of St. Vincent & The Grenadines has been referred to as the perfect trinity. That is why this bar is irresistible!
  • Oolong loose tea by 9TEAS. This subtly oxidized oolong from the Chinese province of Fujian has a convincing taste. Typical are the tightly rolled leaves and the natural fruity sweetness; the taste is between green and black tea. 

Turquoise box:

  • No Sugar Mama vegan 70% Dark Vegan Chocolate. This chocolate bar contains no added sugar and is sweetened with date powder. It, therefore, has a low glycemic index and fewer calories than chocolate with sugar. The date powder works very well in combination with beans from the Dominican Republic. A delicious chocolate bar that is also responsible!
  • Black Ceylon loose tea. Enjoy a cup of Black Ceylon Tea, a classic tea from Sri Lanka. The tea has a full-bodied leafy flavor and a citrus note.

Blue box:

  • Nicaragua Kubaly 70% Dark Vegan Chocolate
  • Floral Earl Grey loose tea by 9TEAS. A mild earl grey with the sparkling taste of bergamot and blue cornflower blossoms.

Each box contains a set of 3 reusable organic tea bags and a reusable steel tea infuser.