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Amber Glass Spray Bottle


A stylish reusable glass bottle with a spray nozzle that comes in two sizes. Multifunctional use for homemade cleaning products, essential oils/aromatherapy, hair care, or as a plant sprayer. A great way to save the environment from unnecessary plastic consumption.

Great combination with our OceanSaver cleaning dropsEcopods refill packs or our Skosh Cleaning tablets. Just fill with water and put in a cleaning drop, then wait till it dissolves for 2 minutes. And then shake it up. Now you have your own cleaning solution without the plastic packaging. 


Amber-colored glass protects against UV & sunlight so that products last longer. Brown glass or pharmacy glass used to be often used by pharmacists and chemists for storing medicines. 

  • 500 ml
    • Diameter Ø 7.5cm
    • Bottle 17cm high to black rim
    • Perfect for (DIY) cleaning solutions, DIY hair spray or ACV rinse, or plant spray
  • 300ml
    • Diameter Ø 6.5cm
    • Bottle 14cm high to black rim
    • Perfect for DIY room or air freshener spray, plant spray, insect repellent spray
  • Produced in Italy

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